Halloween Highlight: Mummy Pretzel Pops

What’s White, crunchy, and wrapped up tight? Mummy Pretzel Pops!


Mummy Pretzel Pops
– Pretzel Rods
– White Melting Chocolate
– Mini Chocolate Chips

1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
2. Pour melted white melting chocolate into a tall drinking glass.
3. Dip pretzel rods into chocolate, then lay on parchment.
4. Place two mini chocolate chips onto top of pretzel rods to create “eyes”. Set aside to let chocolate harden. Refrigerate if need be.
5. Using a piping bag or fork, drizzle extra white melting chocolate over pretzel rods to create mummy “wrapping”. Avoid drizzling over the “eyes”
6. Refrigerate until chocolate is set.


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