No-Bake Nutella “Cheesecakes”

Holy Yum, y’all!

Remember my post on the S’mores Brownies where I said that your life was about to change if you made them? This is like that, but you will not only be forever changed, you will feel the earth moving beneath your feet when you take a bite of this delicious treat.

For real.

Just look at it.


Because, let’s be honest, what could be better than an Oreo crust, cream cheese, Nutella, and cool whip? ALL OF THEM TOGETHER IN ONE BITE!

This is serious you guys. Please, please, please make these ASAP!

No-Bake Nutella “Cheesecakes”

– 1 cup Oreos (or mini Oreos), crushed
– 2 Tablespoons butter, melted
– 1 block cream cheese, softened
– 2/3 cup (or half of a small container) Nutella
– 1 large tub (15 oz. I think?) Cool Whip

Note (I used 1/3 less fat cream cheese and Cool Whip Free to try to make myself feel less guilty…and being honest, it made it more like a light, airy mousse, but I still loved every bite)

1. In a small bowl, combine your crushed Oreos and melted butter. Mix well.
2. In a mixing bowl, combine cream cheese and Nutella until creamy and well mixed. I used my mixer, but a hand mixer or strong arm+spatula would work.
3. Carefully fold HALF of the Cool Whip into your Nutella/cream cheese mixture until fully blended.
4. In the bottom of four high ball glasses, evenly distribute Oreo crust mixture and press down until compacted.
5. Top each crust with Nutella “cheesecake” mixture and pat down lightly to create an even layer.
6. Using the remaining Cool Whip, top the “cheesecakes” until a solid layer has formed.
7. If you’re feeling fancy, drizzle some extra Nutella on top and sprinkle with a few crushed Oreos.
8. Take a bite; die a sweet, heavenly death, and make sure to take some to the pearly gates with you because it would be a sin not to share these.


With only five ingredients, you have no excuse not to try these out this week, so get to it! You won’t regret it!


If you eat Nutella from the jar like me love Nutella, then “like” and share this post. Don’t forget to send me your photos and tag #vcdessertproject on Instagram!


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