Chocolate Chip Cookie Pops

Fourth of July is coming up.

Can you believe it?! It’s almost JULY, people! Where did the last 6 months go?

Anyhow, in true American spirit, I am in the mood for classic Americana ranging from my new clothing purchases to the food I have ready for my menu this week.

To me, this week is all about celebrating our country, the people who serve/have served, watching fireworks with family and friends, hitting a baseball game, barbecuing, and making as much “classic American” (oxymoron?) food as I possibly can…and then waiting for the moment where my jeans don’t zip….

So to start off this week, I’ve made Chocolate Chip Cookie Pops. I drizzled them in chocolate to fancy them up a bit (didn’t think about red and blue until I finished….facepalm)


Confession: I tried using the BIG cookie dough squares and sandwiching a lollipop stick between two chunks…this resulted


Holy Monster Cookies! So I made a new batch with the following recipe/instructions…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pops

– 1 package chocolate chip break-n-bake style cookie dough
– 12 lollipop sticks
– Melting Chocolate for drizzling – totally optional

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Carefully insert a lollipop stick halfway into each cookie dough chunk.
3. Place Cookie Pops on a lightly greased cookie sheet, leaving about 2 inches between each cookie.
4. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until cookies are lightly browned on the edges.
5. Optional: When cool, drizzle with melting chocolate


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Cookies & Cream Cake Pops

Raise your hand if you love cake pops!
if your hand is down, I’m sorry to say you’re lying to yourself…

A few weeks ago I posted my Embellished Mini Cupcakes recipe and I had a bit of leftover cake and frosting. Without wanting to waste any good cake or frosting, I decided to mix them together to make some cake pops! (before you go all ‘eww!’ on me, I made these at the same time as the mini cupcakes, I just decided to post the recipe today)

I have decided that while cake pops are more time consuming than difficult, I will never again make cake pops without rolling the outside in some kind of crumbly deliciousness for two reasons: 1) it tastes sooooo good! And 2) it looks way better since no matter how hard I try, my chocolate coating always looks lumpy on my cake pops.

Since Cookies & Cream is one of those ‘universally loved among all ages’ kinds of flavors, I went ahead and rolled my vanilla cake pops in crushed Oreo cookie crumbles. Talk about YUM! Try these out this week and take them to your next event, I’m sure everyone will thank you!


Cookies & Cream Cake Pops

– 1 white cake mix, prepared, baked, and crumbled
– 1/4 cup – 1/2 cup vanilla canned frosting
– Lollipop Sticks
– White melting chocolate (I like the vanilla almond bark for this)
– Chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreos or the like), crushed to a fine powder

1. Mix together cake crumbles and 1/4 cup canned frosting. Add more frosting in a tablespoon at a time until a playdough-like consistency is achieved.
2. Using about a spoonful of cake mixture, roll into a ball shape. Continue until all cake is formed into balls.
3. Chill for 20 minutes in the refrigerator.
4. Melt chocolate in the microwave per package directions in a microwave-safe glass measuring cup. This will make dipping easier.
5. Dip a 1/4 inch of a lollipop stick in melted chocolate and push halfway into a cake ball. Continue until all are lollipop-ed. Chill for 5 minutes in the fridge.
6. Pour Oreo crumbles onto a plate. Spread evenly.
7. Submerge each cake pop in the melting chocolate and tap off excess. Immediately roll the edges in the Oreo crumbles until all sides are covered. You could also choose to only roll the edges and bottom for a cool look too!


8. When all pops are chocolate and Oreo covered, place in fridge for 5 more minutes or until chocolate hardens.


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Beer, Bacon, & PB Brownies

I love my dad.

Do you know how much I love my dad? I love him so much that I plan on making him these Beer, Bacon, & PB Brownies for our Father’s Day celebration.

I also love him enough to make sure that he doesn’t have too many and have a heart attack…because let’s be honest, these aren’t exactly a part of a “balanced” diet…but hey, it’s Fathers Day and he’s allowed to indulge for putting up with me my whole life!

If you love your dad, you’ll make these for him for Fathers Day too. And make sure there are other people around to help him eat them 😉


Beer, Bacon, & PB Brownies
modified from Mindfully Frugal Mom

– One 9×13 brownie mix
– 2 eggs
– 2/3 cup dark beer
– 1/2 cup peanut butter, melted
– Approx. 1/2 lb. bacon, cooked crisp and crumbled (I only used the 4 slices from The Mindfully Frugal Mom post, but feel like it could use more; see photos below)


1. Line a 9×13 pan with foil. Spray foil with non-stick spray. Trust me, you’ll thank me later…
2. In a large mixing bowl, combine brownie mix, eggs, and beer. Stir until well incorporated.
3. Pour brownie batter into foil-lined pan. Dollop melted peanut butter around brownie batter.

4. Using a butter knife, swirl peanut butter into brownie batter.

5. Top evenly with bacon crumbles until desired amount is reached. Eat remaining bacon. Yum…

6. Bake at 350 degrees for 25-35 minutes or until brownies are cooked through.
7. Cool and cut into 16-20 pieces. Package them pretty and give to Dad with a card and a sentimentally awesome present (and maybe another beer if he’s into that…)


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Embellished Mini Cupcakes

What’s better than a cupcake? A mini one!

Why, you ask? Because mini cupcakes mean getting to try multiple flavors without the tummy ache!

Especially good for Graduation Parties, these Embellished Mini Cupcakes are sure to be a hit at any function. You can modify any cake mix and frosting combination to make something extra special. Top it off with sprinkles, cookie crumbles, fruit, or other embellishments for a truly scrumptious miniature treat!

This week we have made Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Sprinkled graduation minis, but the combinations are endless! Look out for more Embellishment ideas below and in the future!

P.S. So sorry for the horrible pics this week! I frosted the minis in the box I was giving them in, and didn’t want to risk smudging them if I took them out for a good photo!


Embellished Mini Cupcakes

– 1 box cake mix of your choice
– Submergers (mini cookies, fruit, mini candy bars, etc)
– 1 jar canned frosting of your choice
– Sauces or extracts for flavoring frosting (optional)
– Embellishments (sprinkles, cookie crumbs, fruit, etc)

Preheat oven per box directions, usually 350.
1. Prepare cake mix per directions.
2. Line a mini cupcake pan with mini paper liners. Place a submerger (if using) in the bottom of each mini cupcake liner, then top with cake batter until each cup is 2/3 full.
3. Bake per box directions, then let cool completely.
4. Add sauce/extract into frosting if using. Place frosting into a piping bag. Pipe dollops of frosting onto each cooled cupcake.
5. Sprinkle on embellishments while frosting is still wet.


Flavor combos
– Cookies & Cream: white cake, mini Oreo submerger, vanilla frosting, crushed Oreo embellishment
– Chocolate Graduation: Chocolate Fudge cake, chocolate frosting, silver and gold sprinkles
– Strawberry Lemonade: Lemon cake, strawberry frosting, lemon gummy candy embellishment
– Peach: White cake, fresh diced peach submerger, cream cheese frosting, fresh peach slice embellishment
– Berry Wild: white cake, fresh diced strawberry submerger, cream cheese frosting, fresh blueberry embellishment
– Thin Mint: chocolate cake, white frosting with peppermint extract addition, Andes Candy or crushed thin mint embellishment
– Snickers: chocolate cake, mini snicker submerger, vanilla frosting, crushed peanut embellishment and caramel sauce drizzle

Flavor combinations are endless! “Like” this post if you want to make these and send us pictures of your favorite flavor creations!

Marshmallow Pops

Do you ever find yourself in a pinch for a quick and easy dessert to take to a get-together that looks like you’ve slaved away all day long?

I did this week and let me tell you, these Marshmallow Pops were the fastest, easiest, most fun dessert I have made for a party and everyone was super impressed. What the party guests didn’t know, was that I threw them together in less than 20 minutes on the cheap!


With a few key tools and a little creativity, you can be ready to take these delicious morsels to your next gathering!

Marshmallow Pops

– 1 bag of marshmallows (regular size, not mini or jumbo)
– 2 colors of melting chocolate (or more if you want to get really fancy!)
– 1 bag of lollipop sticks
– Optional: sprinkles

– Melt chocolate using directions on the bag.
– Dip a lollipop stick in a small amount of the melted chocolate and place into a marshmallow.
– Continue “lolli-popping” all of your marshmallows, keeping in mind that the color you use to adhere the stick will be the color you will submerge with. (I.e. Yellow stick = yellow base color)


– After the chocolate has set, adhering the stick to the marshmallow, dip the marshmallows in a cup full of melting chocolate and tap off the excess. Place on a wax paper-lined baking sheet or push stick upright into a block of floral foam.
Note: if using sprinkles, roll chocolate-covered marshmallow pop in sprinkles until covered.
– When base color has dried, drizzle melted chocolate in your second color over the pops.


-Place on a serving tray or stand for impressive display


What do you think? I think the sprinkle pops were my favorite, but the drizzling looks adorable too. Share these with friends, or make them for the next birthday party you get roped into attending. These are sure to be a big hit with the little ones!


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